A monthly series of concerts presenting live acts by artists using tape (or sometimes not). 
If you are working with cassette tapes, reel-to-reel, microcassettes or other tape-related devices and would like to perform at the series, feel free to get in touch.
tmrw> concerts are hosted by KM28, Berlin.


#09 / JAN 17th, Fri 19:30 @ KM28, Berlin

Emilio Gordoa

Emilio Gordoa is a percussionist and composer. His Sound Emancipations is a series of studies dedicated to the field of listening itself, the relationship and differences between music and language, the status of music itself, its role and horizon. The experiment is to (not) find out but experience in the performance what music still can be in a world where almost everything is reduced to signals and information.

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Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite

Nina Guo and Auguste Vickunaite make improvised music grounded in narrative, loops, and noise. All sounds are analog and produced in real time. Nina Guo is a high soprano singing contemporary and new works, particularly those related to extended technique and theater. Augustė Vickunaitė uses reel-to-reel tape recorders to create sounds that contain diverse field recordings and malfunctions of the technology itself.

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William "Bilwa" Costa

number phase: 12 – 19 / 20 – 90

number phase: 12 – 19 / 20 – 90 is an electroacoustic composition for live voices, recorded voices, and sine tones. Based on a personal observation of counting, in several East Asian languages, the concept is to utilize listening perception as a means of composition, incorporating phasing, oscillation, binaural beating, and repetition. This composition combines real-time and recorded counting in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese, with a series of eight sine tones. This combination of voices and tones, having varying effects on each other, come together as a single sound palette.

Performed by:
Wei Wei Leung – voice
Wei Ze – voice
Kae San – voice
Kamil Korolczuk – klangregie
William "Bilwa" Costa – sine tones, playback

The premiere of number phase: 12 – 19 / 20 – 90 is made possible by the generous support of the Musikfonds e.V.

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Past concerts


Amir Bolzman
Delmore FX
17.12.2019 @ KM28


Peter Strickmann
DJ SchluchT
20.11.2019 @ KM28


八月 jadwiga™
19.10.2019 @ KM28


Losz and Spherical Aberration
27.09.2019 @ KM28


Axel Dörner & Ivan Palacký
Eric B & Kamil
Sara Valentino
04.04.2019 @ KM28


GRÜN by Daniele De Santis
Maximilian Glass
16.03.2019 @ KM28


Grupa Etyka Kurpina
Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite
14.02.2019 @ KM28


Carina Khorkhordina
Rinus van Alebeek
Kamil Korolczuk
16.01.2019 @ KM28