A monthly series of concerts presenting live acts by artists using tape (or sometimes not). 
If you are working with cassette tapes, reel-to-reel, microcassettes or other tape-related devices and would like to perform at the series, feel free to get in touch.
tmrw> concerts are hosted by KM28, Berlin.


#11 / MAR 13th, Fri 19:30 @ KM28, Berlin

Jack Adler-McKean

Jack works primarily as a tubist, promoting his instrument to the musical world through collaborations with internationally renowned ensembles, composers and educational establishments. His extensive experience in older musical genres includes working with many world class orchestras, conductors and soloists, as well as historically informed performances on the serpent and ophicleide.

He performs as a soloist, in chamber ensembles and as an orchestral musician around the world. Originally from Brighton on the south coast of England, he currently lives in Berlin.

Jack continually seeks to introduce the tuba to the wider compositional world. He has worked with composers including Georges Aperghis, Helmut Lachenmann, Michael Finnissy, Vinko Globokar (giving the first ever performance of Juriritubaïoka to the composer himself) and Georg Friedrich Haas, programming their music alongside neglected solos from Mauricio Kagel, Luigi Nono, Elliott Carter, Franco Donatoni, Giacinto Scelsi , Karlheinz Stockhausen (including the UK première of the tuba version of In Freundschaft) and Sofia Gubaidulina.

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Romain Bertheau

Romain Bertheau is a french Keyboard player (Pianoforte, Harpsichord, Organ, Synth) and a composer of electroacoustic music. He holds the highest Piano diploma awarded by the conservatory of Perpignan from the time he was 15 years old. Later he continued to study in Paris and won many international first prizes for his instrumental interpretations ranging from renaissance music to contemporary music, the piano competition of “Euroregion d’Arras” in 2000 ; with harpsichord, the Early music competition ”Maurizio Pratola” in 2013.

After his music studies, he shared his life with nomads and archaic peoples throughout Asia during which he recorded hundreds of hours of traditional songs. These recordings can be heard in many of his electronic works.

His instrumental work is characterized by diverse influences ranging from Oriental music to Renaissance European music and recently he is extending his researching in the fields of microtonality. On his keyboard work the intervals are precisely tuned, played at subtle volumes, which generates a multitude of differences and combinations of sounds, phasing, beats and auditory illusions. As an improviser, the instruments he plays are varied, including Piano, Pianoforte, Harpsichord, Baroque and Renaissance Organ, Harmonium, Shakuhachi, Tchonguri and Jew’s harp.

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Past concerts


Seiji Morimoto
Eric Bauer
15.02.2020 @ KM28


Emilio Gordoa
Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite
William “Bilwa” Costa

17.01.2020 @ KM28


Amir Bolzman
Delmore FX
17.12.2019 @ KM28


Peter Strickmann
DJ SchluchT
20.11.2019 @ KM28


八月 jadwiga™
19.10.2019 @ KM28


Losz and Spherical Aberration
27.09.2019 @ KM28


Axel Dörner & Ivan Palacký
Eric B & Kamil
Sara Valentino
04.04.2019 @ KM28


GRÜN by Daniele De Santis
Maximilian Glass
16.03.2019 @ KM28


Grupa Etyka Kurpina
Nina Guo & Auguste Vickunaite
14.02.2019 @ KM28


Carina Khorkhordina
Rinus van Alebeek
Kamil Korolczuk
16.01.2019 @ KM28