A monthly series of concerts presenting live acts by artists using tape (or sometimes not). 
If you are working with cassette tapes, reel-to-reel, microcassettes or other tape-related devices and would like to perform at the series, feel free to get in touch.
tmrw> concerts are hosted by KM28, Berlin.


#08 / DEC 17th, Tue 19:30 @ KM28, Berlin

Amir Bolzman

Composer and sound artist based in Jerusalem, Israel. Born in Brazil, 1985. Completed his music studies with honours from The Naggar School in Musrara, Jerusalem, and received his M.A. in Sonology from The Royal Conservatory of The Hague.

From 2017, Bolzman is a faculty member in the New Music department of The Naggar School in Musrara, teaching courses in computer music. He continues to be an active collaborator in the local underground musical scene of Jerusalem, working with various labels and institutes such as: Mamuta art & media center, RaashHour Records, Barbur gallery and Jerusalem Season of Culture.

Bolzman composed pieces for various groups like Ensemble Musica Nova and Ensemble of Love and Terror, in which he is also a performer. The latter group lately released two albums in the Berlin-based label Full Body Massage.

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photo by Itamar Ginsburg

Delmore FX

Delmore FX
is the solo project of Elia Buletti, who started to work under this moniker towards the end of 2010 just before moving to Berlin, where he currently live and work as musician as well as editor for his limited edition label Das Andere Selbst.

The sound of Delmore fx is based on digital and analog studio recordings that are continuously and ephemerally restructured through improvisational instant rearrangements operated on mixer, loopers and effects. Midi studies, recreational low-fi, unreal humming and high tones breakouts gather in these meticulously unsteady architectures.

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